Emmanuelle Barbaras

After getting a bachelor's degree in psychology,in 1984 Emmanuelle Barbaras became a freelance photographer.  Since then she has worked for the press, communications agencies and publishers.  Deeply interested in Africa and very involved in feminist issues, she has linked the two subjects through many reports.  Considered to be a social activist photographer, for years she has participated in the struggles against Aids all around the world, as well as against genital mutilation in Africa.  Aside from those issues, she is passionately interested in human intimacy and, for a long time she has been studying, examining, doing personal research in masculine and feminine nudes as well as in couples.  She won the Leica prize for her work on the body and the Villa Médicis 'outside the walls' for her reporting on Aids in the world.  She shows her work in France and in Europe.  She is the author of two books: Aids, Gestures and Expressions in collaboration with the association, AIDES and Our daughters will not be mutilated in collaboration with the association GAMS.  She is presently focusing her efforts on the the abusive exploitation of people in the granite mine located right in the Burkina Faso capital, Ouagadougou; at the same time she has pursued her research on the masculine nude with the aim of publishing an original photographic work.

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